I’m over winter and over the cold (apparently the coldest Melbourne weekend in 13 years) so I’m planning my wardrobe for when the warm weather hits in a few short weeks.
I always seem to buy lots of clothing in the wrong season because I get so excited about the new and upcoming looks. As a lover of new fashion trends I love to check out looks as they hit the runway and watch as they filter into stores, magazine pages and hit the streets.

One of the biggest trends coming through is the black and white graphic trend. It’s already been creeping into the stores, but come summer it’ll hit fever pitch. It’s been by far one of the strongest looks coming through and it is one of the easiest to wear. As a bonus you’ll easily get more than one season out of your new clothes if you purchase with care.

Marc Jacobs was behind many of the B&W looks to hit the catwalk under his own label and Louis Vuitton


Major chain stores have already started pushing the look at an accessible price point with a dash through Sportsgirl and Zara showing plenty of the trend already.

The key to making this trend work is have a strong contrast between the black and white. It works best if the black and white are used in equal quantities.

Even JT is getting into the trend too in his latest video clip (image- dailymail.co.uk)

In regards to race wear, Derby Day shopping will never be easier! Earlier in the year I went to Singapore and stocked up on fabric for my Derby day outfit.


I still don’t know what I’ll turn it into, but it’s a start.

By Angela.