This Sunday the Spring Carnival continues in Victoria with the running of the Ballarat Cup at Dowling Forrest Racecourse. Located a mere 115km from Melbourne, it’s a good place to go and escape the city for a day.

The day plays host to Myer Fashions on the Field with special guest judge, Myer ambassador Lauren Phillips. Also involved in the Fashions on the Field competition is Laura Zeuschner, the 2013 face of the Ballarat Cup.

L-R Laura Zeuschner, Michelle and Stevie Payne and Councillor Samantha McIntosh
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Lauren Phillips at the Melbourne Cup Carnival earlier this month Image from

For information about what Lauren is looking for in FOTF click here

The prize pool is valued at over $6000 with fabulous prizes on offer including….??? Unfortunately despite a couple of requests, I was unable to get further information- It’ll be a nice surprise for the winners!

Winners from 2011 L-R Alex Hecker, Bobbi Edwards and Jacqueline Russo
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FOTF winners from 2012 with Kris Smith L-R Brooke Walter, Lisa Xu and Lauren Ellery
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Categories for the day include

Myer Lady of the Day

Myer Man of the Day

Myer Milinery Award

Myer Local Lady of the Day.

Registration opens with the gates at 10.30 and closes at 12.45.

As of Wednesday night the weather forecast  for Sunday is 10-16 degrees with a shower or two. I suggest getting your outfit prepared for a cool and wet day by looking for a matching/ coordinating  umbrella to keep dry, a smart jacket and ditching suede or fabric shoes and switching them for rain proof patent. Fingers crossed the weather forecast improves, but if not check out a previous post about preparing for inclement weather and click here.

Admission to the course is $30 at the gate for general admission. For further information about the Ballarat Turf Club and how to get there visit Country Racing Victoria

First race TBA approx 12.00pm There is a 10 race program which aside from the Ballarat cup includes the Magic Millions Clockwise Classic. As the name suggests the race is run clockwise around the track which for Victoria is the ‘wrong’ way.

Last Race TBA approx 5.30pm

By Angela Menz