This weekend thanks to Instagram I discovered House of Baulch was having a one day sale at their studio in Collingwood. What a find! If you aren’t familiar with HoB it’s an accessories label that packs a punch with strong statement pieces, bold use of colour and lashings of gold. All things I love in my accessories.

Having bought HoB pieces in the past I knew of the label but never had a chance to see the range properly in the flesh, having only seen most things online ( Designer Kathryn Baulch was there to help with selecting pieces from the current season, past seasons, samples and one offs.


I walked out of there with some amazing pieces that will definitely be featuring in my spring racing wardrobe and my day to day outfits. It was very hard not to scoop up one of everything because the pieces fit so well with my own aesthetic. I prefer to wear accessories that announce themselves- that is, pieces that you cannot ignore and command attention. My favourite pieces at the sale were the tassels and I left with two pairs of jumbo tassel earrings and a neck piece type scarf made of twenty two jumbo tassels that was made for a fashion show. Not having much self control I also picked up other earrings, bracelets, bangles, a bag and a ring.


Statement jewellery is very ‘on trend’ at the moment but can be a little tricky to wear. It is generally accepted that you wear one statement piece and keep everything else fairly simple. However when you have statement jewellery as fabulous as this is I say more is more! Stack, layer and pile on your jewels, its much more fun that way!



20130728-234856.jpgBy Angela