No, this post isn’t about that annoying song that keeps playing on the radio. This is all about the BASE for your makeup!

Race days require makeup that goes the distance from AM to PM and will stay put regardless of the weather. They also require you to have your best face forward. That’s where a good primer comes into play. But what exactly is a primer and what does it do?

A good primer will help your makeup go on smoothly, and last longer. They can help to hide pores,  disguise wrinkles and help with uneven skin tone. I’ve tried a few and have skin that some days is very dry and other days is an oil slick. The rest of the time it’s somewhere in-between. It took me a while to be fully converted to the goodness of a primer, as I had always dismissed it as an extra unnecessary step in my makeup routine. It also took a little white to find a good product that suited me and my needs. I don’t wear much on my skin day-to-day, but for race days I do require a lot from my makeup.

Of all the primers I have tried I have two go to products.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer RRP$59 AUD


This is good all round solid performer. My skin can vary quite a bit with the seasons and temperature and regardless of what’s going on with my face this works. My makeup goes on much better with this and stays put. It is on the pricier side for a primer, but a tube lasts for ages and a little goes a long way. Available from Napoleon Perdis stores, online and major department stores.

Garnier 5 second Perfect Blur RRP$17 AUD

Perfect Blur Tube

This is especially good when I’ve got not so great skin. The blurb for the product makes many claims about it’s light reflecting properties, breakthrough technology *yawn* it goes on forever! I won’t bore you but I will say everything just looks better with this on my skin. It’s well priced and you only need the tiniest amount. I often just use this on the parts of my skin that need a bit of extra help, like my nose and chin rather than allover my face. It’s available to buy in supermarkets and pharmacy’s everywhere.

These are just two of my personal faves for a good makeup primer. There are so many different primers on the market and many that are designed for specific skin concerns. If you haven’t tried one before and think you could be getting more from your makeup (ease of application, good coverage, longevity etc) then I’d certainly suggest giving a makeup primer a go.

By Angela Menz