I’m a sucker for pretty packing when it comes to my makeup. Things get worse when the packaging is pink. I MUST have it, regardless of what is inside. So it was a pleasant surprise when I purchased Guerlain Meteorites on a whim and discovered the product inside was equally spectacular.

I bought the miniature pearls collection duo in teint rose #01. Labelled as ‘illuminating powders’ ‘pure radiance’ I was skeptical they would do anything much, but I was happy to line them up with my cosmetics in their pretty boxes. I used the included (pink) brush and swept it on my face. Nothing. Or so I thought… A look again a few minutes after the powder had settled and everything just looked BETTER. Given I was on the tail end of an international flight, to look a little more alive was no mean feat. A few days on and I am in love. The product itself is multi coloured little shimmering balls in white pearl, pink, green, gold and lilac. I’ve been using it as a face powder, lightly dusted across my face and it makes my skin a little glowy and lives up to the radiance claim on the box. Add the beautiful expensive scent and using this product is a new daily luxury.




By Angela.