Saturday 28th of September saw Rosehill Racecourse in Sydney come to life for Ladies Day and the running of the Stan Fox Stakes. Also on track at Rosehill was the Style Stakes fashion competition presented by Sunday Style. There was something for everyone with the Emeri Pamper lounge providing free bubbles, make-up touch ups and souvenir photos. For fans of the AFL  there was a big screen set up to watch the grand final.

photo 2

Stacey enjoying the Emeri Pamper Lounge

After a very early start to the day (I flew to Sydney from Melbourne- and yes in full racewear in case you were wondering!) I met up with my dad and hit the track in time for the first race. Then it was time for my favourite part of the afternoon to begin. The Style Stakes. This spring had seen a change in how the competition was run with the usual stage position moved to the front of the grand stand on the public lawn. It was also run and judged differently to other competitions held previously with a very low small stage and a photographer taking each contestants photo as they lined up for their chance to show off their outfit. There were three judges for the day- Editor of Sunday Style, Kerrie McCallum, ATC Ambassador, Sophie Faulknier, and Journalist Briana Domjen

One by one each contestant stepped up on stage, had their photo taken and the judges had a look and furiously scribbled notes on the outfits presented before them. I was entrant no.29 and they kept coming after me with over 100 women eventually taking part in the Style Stakes. Moving the competition and changing the format encouraged many more women to enter than I have seen in previous competitions. It was also great being held on the front of the lawn as it was right in the middle of all the action and it was actually possible to watch the fashion and the races together. The heat cut off times were extended as so many women were eager to take part. As an added incentive for entrants there were small giveaway samples for everyone who entered. At the conclusion of the heats five finalists were called up for the final. I was lucky enough to be one of the five called up and we lined up together for the final judging. From the five finalists two of us were selected to go to the mounting yard for the final decision to be announced. I was one of the two.

Chantelle and I, Top Two

Chantelle and I, Top Two


The other three finalists

We gathered on stage for the official announcements for the Style Stakes and heard as the great prizes were read out. Over $15,000 in prizes were on offer including a 10 day P&O cruise. There were also very generous prizes for the runner up and three other finalists. After a build up the winner was announced. It was me- to say I was excited and surprised would be an understatement. There were some really beautiful and modern racewear looks worn by other competitors which I though the judges would have voted for. I had worn an outfit that most wouldn’t really consider to be traditional racewear although I had all the elements of racewear in my outfit and was seasonally appropriate. I had a fruit salad theme going on and had accessories dangling off me wherever I could find space for another ring/ bracelet/belt etc. My dress and hat was made by me and took influence from Dolce & Gabbana. I’ve been loving everything they have been putting on the catwalk lately, however my fashion budget doesn’t quite stretch to owning the real deal.


With my dad after being sashed

With my dad after being sashed

Needless to say I had a fantastic day at the track and was still smiling even when my selected horses weren’t first past the post. I was sad for the day to come to an end and look forward to another day out at Rosehill soon. A huge thanks to the Australian Turf Club and Sunday Style for another great day out at the races!

By Angela Menz