One of the things that makes racewear so special is the attention to detail in everyone’s outfit. Every single detail is considered from head to toe. Earlier this year we couldn’t help but notice in the SA state finals the 2nd Runner Up, Jen Marsh. What caught our eye was the fabulous print of her dress that had crept down to the toes of her shoes.


Jen Marsh in green on the left

Shoes -  our first commision

A closer look at the shoes Ruth covered to match

One of our readers Ruth Connor has let us know her secret as the woman behind the shoes. As well as selling her millinery, Ruth also offers a shoe covering service called Shoes For The Day under the banner of Just For You by Ruth Connor Millinery. Based in Silvan, Victoria- Ruth works from her home studio  with clients around Australia. She tells us shoes can be covered in almost any fabric (apart from fine silk and chiffon) including fine leathers and gilt flakes. Customers post Ruth their shoes, then she works with either supplied materials, or for an extra cost can source materials for you. Prices range from $60-$100 (excluding postage) and all work is done by hand to ensure maximum comfort.

The turn around is approximately 2 weeks, which takes into account the postage back and forth but in the lead up to spring carnival extra time should be allowed. Ruth also advised us that most shoes can be covered up to three times

Ruth can be contacted at 03 9737 9939 or via her Facebook page HERE

By Angela Menz

Please note- I haven’t used this service and posted because I thought it may be of interest to some of our readers.